Is it possible for China to have its JOBS?


Steve Jobs is regarded as a great businessman, designer and inventor in the world. He is a legend and admired by almost everybody, also including those people from China government. They said, we must have our own Jobs in the next years. Before to give my opinion on it, I have a story about my website.

In China, every website, no matter whether it is established by enterprises or by individuals, has to be censored by government before it is published. The owner has to register his real name, take a photo at the photo gallery authorized by government and submit his ID card for checking. There is also a form to input very detailed personal information which will be recorded by a government department. The process will be lasted at least 20 days if every thing is alright.

Fair enough.This is in China. We have our game rules. We know it.

Like every baby's parent, I'd like to give my website an unique name. After several days ' hard thinking, I decided to use the Health+Sphere, for short, Healthphere, for "th" has the similar pronunciation to "s" . However, to pass the censorship, it is a must for my website to has a Chinese name also. After several days' hard thinking, I took the name "微至". It derives from an old Chinese saying "无微不至" that means "comprehensive care", "total care" . Because our vision is to provide best healthcare solution to our people. I think it addresses my idea very well. It is concise and cool .

But it was rejected. I was told it is not allowed to use two Chinese characters, instead, at least four characters are required. Wow! You can not get any idea what is going on and nobody will give you an explanation. This is in China. Fine. Let me take the name "微至医疗". In Chinese, "医疗" is translated as "Healthcare". Anyway, it looks not too bad.

But it was rejected again! I was told it is forbidden for individuals to use those terms close to any industry for website name. Wow! Fine. Let me revert back to "无微不至" even it is not that cool as "微至".

Reject! I was told the website name can't use any Chinese saying. Wow! It sucks! Fine, Fine, as long as my website can go live smoothly, it is not a problem. How about "我的微至"--"my weizhi"? Actually, I have no idea any more why I took such a wield name for my baby. The sole purpose is to make sure it can pass the censorship. Sometimes I even doubt whether it is my baby. Anyway, hopefully, everything will be fine and my domain name can be resolved in one month.

I can't imagine what would happen if Steve Jobs was born in China and run his business here. In this land, there are too many odd rules. They are made not for encouraging people to innovate something, instead, just for killing something. It is hard for those people from other countries to understand . But it is our life.

For China to have its JOBS, are you kidding me?