Happy New Year!

images.jpg We went through Dec. 21 ,2012, the so-called doomsday and now in the new year, 2013. We feel excited because we are seeing so many cool technology emerging . This year, we will integrate the WebRTC into our viewer. Specifically, we will leverage Video/Audio and Data Channel to make tele-consultation totally happen in a web browser. We believe that may help the healthcare industry a lot . We wish the WebRTC can be implemented in mobile devices as soon as possible . That will be really amazing !

One more thing is we relocate our back end server to save the cost. Here is our hardware configuration: 2.5G Hz Single core, 1M Ram and 2M bandwidth. Furthermore, no requirement to the graphics card. It is very cheap ! But our viewer 's user experience doesn't degrade . This is a huge advantage over server side rendering solution, which heavily relies on the server's advanced hardware configuration and high-quality network bandwidth.

O.K. 2013, we are ready. Here we go !