Let's Go Social!

Today, when people get some sort of trouble with the body, the first reaction may not be to go to hospital, instead, they may go to Google to search something relevant. This is a good example that Internet has been changing how we think the way the care is delieved. Obviously, besides approaching to hospital , social medias are enriching our means when we look for healthcare solutions.

This should not be surprising at all if we rethink the concept of hospital. Primarily, we go to hospital just because we exactly know that at there we can find medical devices, drugs, healthcare professionals, beds , historical record maybe, and so on so forth. But all of these elements are not necessarily tied to hospital, in particular, in the 21th century. One of the most important achievements we see in recent years is about information technology: internet, mobile internet, cloud computing, big data
and wearable devices. These technologies are offering possibility for us to re-define the concept of hospital. This makes more important sense for China in that we have huge population, vast territory and limited medical resource. The fact is that most of our traditional 3A , 3B hospitals have been unable to take the daily care burdens thus far. From patient's perspective, it has been very hard to enjoy a satisfactory care. In the nutshell, leveraging the information technology to mitigate traditional hospital's part of workload is becoming absolutely necessary.

When we focus on the medical imaging, a fundamental question should be , do we need to go to hospital to meet the clinician face to face to get an interpretation on our examination result ? Especially for those cases where the doctor we trust does not live in the same city with us ? Can we send our digital data to them and get feedback also via internet or telephone ? Additionally, can we find a doctor we trust from outside of hospital rather than blindly and randomly choose one from inside of the hospital ?

We believe there will definitely be many other good reasons for us to go outside of hospital , that is, go social. However, the problem is , until today, most of the healthcare IT infrastructures are built merely for inside of the hospital . More efforts will be needed before the going social comes into true seriously. We know It will be a hard journey , but we have been on the way!