IE, Could You Make a little bit Sense?

When Google and Mozilla are moving their web browsers, Chome and Firefox respectively, forward with a nearly crazy speed in the web world, Microsoft, however, is still walking just like a very aged people, slowly and lifelessly. You can not imagine that it has been almost two years since the IE 9.0 was released in 2011. As a modern browser, IE 9.0 does not support HTML5's webworker mechanism at all! It is really hard to believable. Of course you can not expect more new html5 features luxuriously. It really sucks.

Finally , Microsoft releases IE 10 in this year, 2013 and claimed IE 10 is really fast . But the fact is , it is slow at least in our scenario. When the array is large, its processing is rather disappointed. The CPU will be running into a dead loop! More severely,
we can not get any clues from the debug console. Even the webworker has been introduced in this version, we still can not overcome the slowness: we just can not break that dead loop somewhere. Here is others' voice from game industry,
IE10 review: still disappointing for HTML5 games One word, IE 10 sucks too.

We are glad to see IE 11 ' release recently. This version seems better than its predecessors. From our testing, it is pretty fast and , sorry, has been approaching the speed of Chrome!

IE, could you make a little bit sense in a more proactive way to lead the industry as you suppose to do ?