Q&A 关于产品的一些常见问题


Q: Why can not I see the images ?

A: Most probably you are using an old version browser that does not fully support the html5 features. For better user experience, here are our recommendations:
很可能是你所用的浏览器有点过时或者发展得较为缓慢。这些浏览器对新的HTML5特性支持不好(例如微软的IE浏览器)。根据我们的测试,针对各种平台, 推荐使用下列配置:

Q: why is it so slow to show the dicom image especially for some mobile devices?

A: We manage not only to leverage the power of cloud computing, but also are looking for maximizing the computing capability of individual client device. Generally speaking, nowadays a stock desktop PC is good enough to meet the computing requirement in most of our cases, whereas for mobile device, we notice that Apple's products ,such as iPad, iPad mini, iPhone5,iPhone5s , work better than many other vendors' products.The good news is that we are seeing more and more qualified mobile devices are coming into play, such as Sansung's galaxy note 3 , galaxy s4 and so on. In a nutshell, a good device is important for the final performance.
我们的方案不仅仅希望依赖云计算,也试图最大化发挥客户端设备的计算能力。因此对客户端设备的计算性能有一定要求。通常来说,普通的PC机已经完全满足需求。对于移动设备,苹果公司的产品在软硬件方面结合的最好,如iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5/5s ,,这些产品都很好地满足性能需求。 从发展趋势来看,随着各个厂商产品的升级换代,已经或者将会有越来越多的设备能够很好地执行客户端计算。比如三星的Galaxy note 3, S4, 都已经能胜任。总而言之,你所使用的移动设备的性能对影像的展示有重要作用。

Q: Is bandwidth critical for the performance ?

A: Yes. but not too much. Our solution does not heavily rely on network bandwidth. We can deliver big size image within 3-4 seconds even with 56K modem.

Q: Is it safe to login with my QQ/Weibo/Google accout ?
我用我的QQ/微博/google 帐号登录,安全吗?

A: Absolutely. We are using OAuth2.0 , an industry stardard , to process our login. With OAuth2.0, the authentication actually is performed in Tencent/Sina/Google' login server rather than ours. We won't care your password at all.

Q: Is it possible for me to raise a specific requirement to healthphere , and Healthphere can help to implement it for me ?

A: Absolutely. We are glad to hear the voice from you without any doubt. We would like to work with you closely and agilely.

Q: What is the Guest account for ?

A: Actually, Guest account is a public account. Anybody can use it to upload dicom images. Its primary goal is to help people take an experience on the system. Please be aware of one fact: there will be no any guarantee to keep the images from this account for long time storage. System may purge the data of Guest account without any notification in order to save system resource. Hence it is highly recommended to keep the data in your own account.

Q: I have uploaded dicom images , but nothing is found from worklist. what is the matter?

A: It will take time for system to do some magic thing in cloud before you see them in the worklist. Sometimes the system may be busy so you have to wait for a while and refresh the worklist later. In the near future, we will improve the system usability that you can receive a notification once the magic is done.